A Book In Her Head

It is Sunday and a day of rest. As I am watching the Patriots game with the “Hubs” and enjoying my rugrats I cant help but be tugged to post a poem. God is on the move in me to write a new song if you will and I venture to do so come Monday. This poem is one of the first I ever wrote. I call them “my rhyming oldies” but it is still a favorite on the short list of my own writings. I pray you enjoy.

A Book in Her Head

It seems that we have passed her nigh
That weathered soul whose turn has gone by
Yet pressed I think we should forbear
An afternoon for her to share…

It’s a book just like the novel kind
The one that is shelved inside her mind.

There are pages in which her hair hung long
when her body was new and her vigor strong
and scenes that touch on childhood quests
perhaps when all of life was best.

There are chapters where true love she’d find
and where all her tears and adventures lied.

But like a hidden treasure
It awaits for one who’ll pry
for the details that are hidden
behind blue wrinkled eyes..

I wonder who will listen
and curl up to thumb the lines
to the book her life has written
the one shelved inside her mind.


Defender of my Universe


“Defender of my Universe”

Naked and broken
Who will clothe me ?

Who will conceal me ?

Who covets cares ?
Who fights fears ?
Who shelters ?
Who rescues ?

Who perceives ?
Who washes wounds ?
Who waits behind words ?
Who sees behind faces ?

Who defends ?

Fastened by fabrication !
Seized by solitude !
Held by hollow !

Who is meaning ?
Who created purpose ?
Who faults the fake ?

Who is real ?

God is real.





“Failure”… I would venture to say that no one really likes that word and it is likely that most of us try to avoid failing altogether. Certainly when we do fail, talking about it or notifying the Press is not on the top of our list either. I also think it would be safe to say that the “feeling like a failure” is the real killer, and where most of us get stuck.

Failure comes in many shapes and sizes. The small ones are easier to get through without too much of a hassle. We generally come through it with minimal damage to our ego, purpose, and value, but those are not the kind I am trying to get at… it is the big ones.  A failed marriage; being fired after years of service; the failure a parent feels when a child is making bad choices that are harmful to them, etc. It is certain that we will all face failure. But when it does arrive, how do we can come to terms with it ? All I know is that the following is how God helped me through. Thank you Lord. Maybe it will be helpful for you also.

Shortly after my twenty year marriage ended, I wrote the poem below entitled “Seeds”. It was during one of those breakdown moments that I just started scribbling it down through my stream of tears. It wouldn’t be until days later that God had me revisit the last verse of this poem. It was then and since then that God has revealed to me that our failures and experiences are just as important as our successes, if not more. They are the accumulation of who we are and who we will become, and in fact, they are the very thing that makes us beautiful.


Every time I plant the seeds they do not grow
But I will tenderly care for them.

Every time I plant the seeds they do not grow
but I will faithfully water them.

I cannot see them underground
But I will ask the Son to shine for them.

Every time I plant the seeds they do not grow
But I will continue to hope for them.

I want to dig and see what they are doing underground
But I will try to wait for them.

Every time I plant the seeds they do not grow
But I will wipe the tears I’ve cried for them.

Every time I plant the seeds they do not grow

I wonder how I have failed them.

Sometimes I plant the seeds that do not grow
but when I am underground … I will be a part of them.


That Place

Well here I am at the beginning. My first blog. In trying to decide where to start It took no time at all before I felt the urging of God suggesting me to begin with the poem entitled “That Place”. It is simple and light and I agreed immediately with His suggestion. Which is a good thing because we both know I can waste a lot of time arguing with Him just to eventually wish I had listened in the first place.

I had written this poem about two years ago. I should note that for the most part it is the title of a poem that will come into my head first before I write a word of it. This poem began exactly that way.

That Place

It is there in that place where ..

Everything is Clean.
and White.
and Equal to straight lines.

The Sun rules the room
Even Her Shadows are Golden.
Everything is all in its place you see
All of those things that make life livable.

Yet only there.

Shoes thrown in the corner..
can only suggest a pleasant assortment.
and where an open abandoned book
naturally assumes a paused yet peaceful reader.

If time were to be questioned in that place
It would reply..
“I have no neighborhood there
because time is always ..and only could ever be
a quarter til sunset”.

It is there , in that place ..
Where the windows always stay open
to share the summer fragrance,
and to allow a hopeful glimpse
of a yellow and blue sailboat.

A loyal breeze hums ever so softly
It Hums a three part harmony that gives way to
that brilliant melody ..
It’s that song .. the one God has written for my heart ..

I cannot quite hear it when I’m here
I have found It is only strongest when I’m there…
in that quiet hard to catch place..

That place where ..

Everything is clean.
and white.
and Equal to straight lines.


About Me

This is the post excerpt.


First and foremost, thank you for visiting my Blog. Allow me to give you a quick rundown of me in a nutshell. My name is Kerry and I am a 45-year-old Christian and mother of six. I have been married twice and divorced once. If I had to choose the biggest blessing of my life I would surely say with 100% sincerity that it is my husband Clayton. I prayed fervently for him and God answered my prayer.

My children’s ages range from 4 to 28 (five boys and one girl). For everyday conversation I like to divide them into two categories for clarity … “My first batch and my second batch”.

My first batch of four are grown adults now, and among them they have provided me with five beautiful granddaughters. My second batch are ages 6 and 4, they are very handsome little men that do a fantastic job at making sure I never have enough time to become too self-absorbed. At this point you might be saying ‘Wow , she must be crazy to have started all over again!’ , and if that is the case my reply to you would be, a resounding “Yes ! Yes! I am!” I would also say that God has an amazing sense of humor.

In viewing my blog it is important to know that I am a poet and didn’t even know it. Well at least until I gave my heart or what I like to say “The heart of my matters” to God in 1992. Along my journey I have grown, failed, pondered, and fought like most who seek God’s ways and I still continue to do all these things. However, it is there in the midst of all of it that God led me to write, and in that writing God has taught me a multitude of things that result in the working out of my faith.

It is true that God our creator has made us all unique, special, and different and that we are all walking our own path and purpose. Yet it is my hope and prayer that my path might touch yours in some way; in the way that only God can arrange.

Therefore, I must tell you that I am so glad you are here and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and poetry with you and I humbly pray that you are blessed.