White Lies & Black Kettles


I might care…

But,  I WANT it straight !

I hate the game….


Candy is not sweet …?

but I am not a fool…

even the white ones are impure

and “feelings” … are not the given rule !

Technicalities ? or self intention ?

Sacrifice ? or a loving deed ?

Is it to salvage clout ? or conscience ?

Is it the truth ?  I beg ! I plead  !

If not ..Dont keep it to yourself..

Use respect with kindly truth.

because honesty births dignity

Even if … they’ll all hate you.

Discernment sees behind a joust

and may cause to swallow hard

but hope is that you are true to you.

Then we both can know where we start.

Yes;  maybe we wont be the same…

But there is nothing more I HATE…

Than Black Kettles whitened by bluffs

and kind answers that only play games!






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