Deaths Denial

Words explain feelings but how can you say
what you cant feel when you ‘ve pushed it away.

Who wants to cry ? who wants to face ?
Who wants to go to that sorrowful place ?

This mountain is building its strength wont subside
It pushes me towards the sorrow filled side.

Smells and spring fragrance they press to remind
That I have not dealt with the sorrow inside

Where do I start ?

Is it memories left behind ?

What tears need to shed ?

For what ! and for Why ! ?

I don’t want to deal with his death that he died
I don’t want to visit that sorrow filled side.

No difference … No change can come from sore eyes
I think it less pain to run and deny.

No victory No goal in wondering why
What gain can be had to wallow and whine ?

I’d choose to be angry
or work to deny,
I’d cling to believe to why I am fine

But don’t make me go !

Please don’t make me try !
I want to stay hidden from the sorrow filled side.

…. I miss you dad…Happy Birthday

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