Cinderella (Ever After)


Cobblestone beneath my feet
The morning on my face
I see a village just ahead
Its peasants rich with grace.

A women stands to hang washed clothes
Not toil of the land
Her soul fulfilled by the movement of her working hands.

We exchange our smiles to show we care
but my feet are still swift to clear
The path in which only He could start
The end with Him I’ll share.

Up in the hills and grassy fields
I see the river flow
I bend to feel the water run
So swiftly to its goal

Than I turn to look and see His face
and with his staff in hand
Our hearts exchange the perfect gift
His deaths reward as planned

I am finally free to capture
the fullness of His love
My long awaited journey
now seen from up above .

And like eternal days ahead
My being cheers the sight
That sings the purpose I exist
He is my breath My Life !

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