A Book In Her Head

It is Sunday and a day of rest. As I am watching the Patriots game with the “Hubs” and enjoying my rugrats I cant help but be tugged to post a poem. God is on the move in me to write a new song if you will and I venture to do so come Monday. This poem is one of the first I ever wrote. I call them “my rhyming oldies” but it is still a favorite on the short list of my own writings. I pray you enjoy.

A Book in Her Head

It seems that we have passed her nigh
That weathered soul whose turn has gone by
Yet pressed I think we should forbear
An afternoon for her to share…

It’s a book just like the novel kind
The one that is shelved inside her mind.

There are pages in which her hair hung long
when her body was new and her vigor strong
and scenes that touch on childhood quests
perhaps when all of life was best.

There are chapters where true love she’d find
and where all her tears and adventures lied.

But like a hidden treasure
It awaits for one who’ll pry
for the details that are hidden
behind blue wrinkled eyes..

I wonder who will listen
and curl up to thumb the lines
to the book her life has written
the one shelved inside her mind.

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