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First and foremost, thank you for visiting my Blog. Allow me to give you a quick rundown of me in a nutshell. My name is Kerry and I am a 45-year-old Christian and mother of six. I have been married twice and divorced once. If I had to choose the biggest blessing of my life I would surely say with 100% sincerity that it is my husband Clayton. I prayed fervently for him and God answered my prayer.

My children’s ages range from 4 to 28 (five boys and one girl). For everyday conversation I like to divide them into two categories for clarity … “My first batch and my second batch”.

My first batch of four are grown adults now, and among them they have provided me with five beautiful granddaughters. My second batch are ages 6 and 4, they are very handsome little men that do a fantastic job at making sure I never have enough time to become too self-absorbed. At this point you might be saying ‘Wow , she must be crazy to have started all over again!’ , and if that is the case my reply to you would be, a resounding “Yes ! Yes! I am!” I would also say that God has an amazing sense of humor.

In viewing my blog it is important to know that I am a poet and didn’t even know it. Well at least until I gave my heart or what I like to say “The heart of my matters” to God in 1992. Along my journey I have grown, failed, pondered, and fought like most who seek God’s ways and I still continue to do all these things. However, it is there in the midst of all of it that God led me to write, and in that writing God has taught me a multitude of things that result in the working out of my faith.

It is true that God our creator has made us all unique, special, and different and that we are all walking our own path and purpose. Yet it is my hope and prayer that my path might touch yours in some way; in the way that only God can arrange.

Therefore, I must tell you that I am so glad you are here and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and poetry with you and I humbly pray that you are blessed.




I wanted to tell someone….

but I didn’t think they would hear me

so I let it spoil in my throat like sour milk.

I wanted to cry on someones shoulder

but they kept shrugging … so I fell off.

Pain can only be licked sufficiently;

by the one whom endures the wound.

Yet people say they can cure me

as they drop crumbs from up on a roof.

Despair is real

and You are not here…

if You are then make it known

I know You have set my pardon

but the wind… seems my chastened home.






White Lies & Black Kettles


I might care…

But,  I WANT it straight !

I hate the game….


Candy is not sweet …?

but I am not a fool…

even the white ones are impure

and “feelings” … are not the given rule !

Technicalities ? or self intention ?

Sacrifice ? or a loving deed ?

Is it to salvage clout ? or conscience ?

Is it the truth ?  I beg ! I plead  !

If not ..Dont keep it to yourself..

Use respect with kindly truth.

because honesty births dignity

Even if … they’ll all hate you.

Discernment sees behind a joust

and may cause to swallow hard

but hope is that you are true to you.

Then we both can know where we start.

Yes;  maybe we wont be the same…

But there is nothing more I HATE…

Than Black Kettles whitened by bluffs

and kind answers that only play games!





Poker Face


Satan owns this world

and evil rules each day.

and no matter how you cut it

when you look around…

you pray.

Because logic cannot scream more

Its all up and in your face

that we walk upon a taken land…

and can only call upon His grace

The suffering goes on and on

and good cards they lose when played

But God has raised up His own standard

and we must look to the one who saves.

If heart and home seek perpetual peace

Do not be a fool or Idealist

because His brides true home

is NOT this LOT

and only eternity will deal it.

99 years are worth a penny

and Satan fights little against the lost

be careful what you give for ante

because this world is not worth the cost.



Maybe I needed to learn how to fight

Or maybe I needed to learn how to trust.

Maybe it had nothing to do with me

or maybe it did.

Maybe it was an assignment for another

and maybe they needed it most.

Maybe I thought I had nothing to offer

and I couldn’t see past my own nose.

Maybe I needed to be patient

or maybe I needed to charge.

but maybe You had many plans

and maybe I had none.

Maybe I dont know what I’m doing

But maybe You do.





Thomas ?

img_mouseover3I don’t know what You’re doing

but You know everywhere I’ve been

I cannot hear sharply what you are saying

But you know every word I’ve said

You’re word it is sufficient

Infallible to any test

But I cant see you here in front of me

and You don”t speak like all the rest







Infallable to any test


One Talent


Will my talent be enough

Should I begin to dig a hole

Or set up Your account

and hope fear will not outrun me

Can my rhymes pick up the tab

on an investment You have given

Is it a gift with too high a task

Or a Joy to act and use it.

With doubt I cast my net

Beside a coin You will call back

In the hopes for a return

In the hopes to give You plenty

Weigh me like Ezekiel

Let obedience be Your measure

If this talent does not glean

Allow my effort to be Your treasure.










A Good Man

Venus is never out of reach

and balloons are the job of a prophet

A good mans garden has weeds

and the stairway to heaven is spotless

White robes are only given

and tickets to paradise are paid in blood

A good man hopes to achieve

but a sinner seeks his Master.


People come

and people go

Yet I am all alone.

People call

and people speak

yet I am all alone

A flight of excitement

A word deeply heard

To ponder in desperation.

A need to give

a gift to take

Yet I am all alone.

Alone in birth

Alone in death

Even a twin

cannot follow.

Alone with few

Alone with many

Yet not alone in You.

Stick closer Lord

much closer Lord

than any human brother.

Alone is found in all

But You are like no other.